My name is Alex Morrow and I am in the Simulation in Digital Entertainment program.

I don't know about my favorite video game, but one of the most influential and ...time consuming games I've played is World or Warcraft. Sadly. It ate away a good portion of my life. I played for about 2-3 years before I quit and while I played I would sleep, eat and breathe that game. I would have to say, although I liked the game a lot, it's definitely not my favorite game. A game that I really liked (aside from FPS games: Halo, CoD's) was Assassin's Creed. The fluidity of movement, fast-paced game-play and decent combat system meshed very well for a fun and cool game. However, the world was very fenced and WoW the quests got quite repetitive. It would be very difficult to tell you my favorite game.

After I obtain my degree my IDEAL job would be a level designer or 3-D modeler. If I can go above and beyond that I would love to open my own video game company and create a completely original game. But don't we all..


The thought of having profligate liberties was a salivating muse. The world at my fingertips - what would I make of it, what path would I choose? The very essence of this vast universe was bewildering yet enticing. The thought that every significant action I make it this world will affect others, not just those that permanently inhabit the world - the drones that adhere to their strict yet curiously detailed programming, but real people. People like myself. It was exciting and frightening - for such a small entity, I could make such a difference. Society outside of this world prevents most from ever achieving this sense of....relevance. How would I begin this seemingly endless journey? How would I make my place in this world?

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The savagery of it too. My world has been shattered - all I've worked for, all my earnings gone to waste. I'm devastated, my hopes dashed. How would I recover, how would I get back to where I was before this tragedy? I had no idea the severity of my actions; a simple mistake and I'm back to where I started. Heal, my superiors would tell me. Always heal. The evils that roam this world cannot be trifled with, cannot be swayed and will attack at all costs - the more susceptible you are, the better. They are unforgiving. This world truly harbors heart-wrenching tribulations. And I still do not understand the meaning of it. Why must I labor here? Is the real world not good enough?

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His tone left me disinclined to follow his demand, however I found my feet moving forward. It was part of my Shapeshifter quest - who knew what it would lead to... treasure, magical items or trinkets? I pondered this as the apparent 'leader troll' led me to his desired destination. We approached an ominous bamboo structure with a cloud of smoke fuming out of the entrance. The trolls went in without a moment's thought, however I hesitated. What would I find if I entered this tent? This seemed to be a new realm in a seemingly structured world.

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He told me that we were still in the game world - shocked by that statement my eyes shot open, blinded temporarily by the penetrating light above me. I looked around - the old lady was standing in front of a wood-burning stove heating up a pot of water. I saw the cleric that she mentioned - dressed in a shabby robe riddled with holes and tattered sandals on his worn feet. He looked to be about seventy years old with a gray crown of hair around a shiny bald spot in the center of his dome. I looked back at my father - "But how?" I asked "How am I still in the game. Is something wrong with my real body?" ...I dreaded the potential responses...

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FINAL PROJECT: My final project is going to be a game design document that develops a future game concept. My idea is to incorporate many aspects of previous game titles that introduced modes of player-driven character development. To refine this definition it's better to call it a player's "play-style" character development. Think back to titles such as Fable and KOTOR; these entities give light to this type of character progression. For instance, in Fable, if you decided hacking-and-slashing with a big axe was the way you wanted to go about killing things, you would get experience towards Melee combat, and likewise for magic users, etc. My goal is to develop the techniques drawn from these games and put them into an MMORPG. An entire would that it handed to the players to create as they wish. Forget factions, for get skill-trees and class trainers - YOU make the character you want; and your avatar will be a complete reflection of how you play the game: good or evil (griefer or helper), melee or magic (or tons of other developments), fighter, builder, socializer, explorer, killer. The world is at your hands.

I believe this gives an extra meaning to open-ended game-play. Think of the player-combat orientation of Eve Online, the vast, explorable, interact-able worlds of WoW and the character development methods in Fable and tie them up into one pretty package. THAT is the future of MMO's. At least, it's what I hope to create.

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