Hey guys, I'm Andrew Montgomery, my program of study is Simulations and Digital Entertainment. I would like to program when I graduate. My favorite video game was a mixture between the Nintendo 64 Zelda and World of Warcraft. Zelda influenced me in every way, growing up a group of my friends and I played the game every night together. I never pictured a game bringing a bunch of people together into a digital adventure. Every weekend it was a bunch of us in a room with five tv's playing this game. This influenced me dramaticaly by showing me how important and powerful a simple video game can be. It also showed me how a game can really influence people. Also, World of Warcraft was a big influence, it was not the first MMORPG I have ever played, but it was the most immersive and addicting. World of Warcraft was everything a game could want, in my opinion it was the most successful game I have ever played. Actually, seeing all the people come together in one game just blew my mind. Wow influenced me dramatically try it for yourself. I have one goal no matter what I do, and that is to be successful at whatever it is I do. That is how I look upon my goal, no matter if I am programming or whatever, my goal for me is to be the best that I can be and to succeed! Thanks

Andrew Montgomery

Week 3 - Cell phone Novels

Week 4 - Obama

Week 5

Epic StoryLines-

My Final
-going to be vlogging about my daily life on youtube, and see the connection and relation's I get to my subscribers!
Ill post a link to my youtube.com shortly