Blogging: Karen, Aula, Mike, Ryan

The name blog comes from the combination of Web and Log. Meaning a journal log that is submitted electronically. A place where your thoughts or actions are recorded, which can be kept private or shared publicly. Also can be shared with a select group of people. Blogging has its roots in newspaper editorials, and radio commentaries it progressed from the internet forms and web-page chat rooms. Currently blogging is a widely used form of personal thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc... there are blogs for everything including sports, arts, politics, education... People read and create blogs to express and confirm their own opinions and experiences. Blogging uniquely allows for instant feedback and commentaries, and provides a form of conversations. is a gaming blog that is written by several editors that monitor and observe the video game industry and relevant events to video games. The editors find information about new video game releases and any details about the game, which they will then post to the website in the form of a blog. Each blog entry has it's own topic and presents the latest news about games and gaming culture. The blogs are written with the expectation that the information will start a conversation, which can be viewed in the comments section of each entry. Users can also submit new stories to the editors as well.

The Julie/Julia Project
Nobody here but us servantless American cooks...
This is a famous blog which was created by Julie Powell who blogged while she cooked her way through Julia Childs Mastering French Cooking. This blog created and industry, a book and inspired many others to begin their own blog.

Facebook wouldn't be considered by many to be a typical blog, but all of the resources exist to create and maintain a blog on the website. Whether through personal status updates, note pages and groups that create blog entries on a regular basis. The blog sources here are often very personal and opinionated.