Hello, and welcome to David Weiss's Super, special, awesome, amazing, introduction page! Heh, heh. I guess that was a little over the top. Okay, time to get serious.

Anywho, I am David Weiss. I will have been majoring in Simulation and Digital Entertainment for 4 years come this fall. Despite this fact, I am still in my Junior year. This is my second semester at University of Baltimore, and so far I've enjoyed it greatly.

There are many games that I've spent a great deal playing, but I can't say there is any one in particular that is my favorite. However, I do have a softspot for the "Tales of" series. That series is probably amoung my favorites. If I had to choose a favorite amoung them, then I would have to say Tales of Symphonia. Tales of Symphonia isn't as linear as most Tales games are. Instead, you occasionally have the ability to play advanced dungeons and bosses before you were ment to. Not only that, you could alter aspects of the story by gaining a best friend amoug the characters. This game gave me a new view on RPGs. I realized that I enjoyed rpgs that have realtime fighting and that give you the ability to alter the storyline. It was also the first extremely long game that I played dozens of times over.

Since transferring here from MC, I've come to learn that I could potentially become an amazing programmer, or so says a friend of mine. I never use to enjoy programming, but now I've found it to be not so bad. Originally I wanted to be a level Designer, but I think I'm more likely to be become a programmer. I'm looking forward to this semester.

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