The movie takes into consideration a game world that looks like the real world. It is very interesting and new in the sense that not many other movies (at least in it's time) offer the viewpoint of real life coinciding with a game.

-I always liked this movie, it is interesting to think how would anyone ever know if they were "in" or "out" of the game. You would never know. Also jude law at one point talks about "its my game char." Does this mean if you were to go into the game you would be your game char.? Very interesting to think about...imagine grand theft auto in this "virtual world". Also you can think about what is going on to your body while your into the game? *Andrew Montgomery*

Alex Morrow

It's a frightening possibility that, as our technology advances, we can create more and more simulated reality games. I think this may have a huge affect on hardcore gamers who are constantly "logged in", the same way some people play WoW or Everquest today (any many other games, RPG's are just the most immersible). Just like in Existenz, they had trouble differentiating between game and reality. If that eventually became a controversial issue in 'real-life' society, it would bring up many questions about the ethics of video games. Virtual reality, the way it is portrayed in the movie, is a serious step that, as gamers and as a society I don't think we are ready to take. Already games today have brought about serious benefits and repercussions - people get married in games (and sometimes in real life through games), people make and break friendships, they make and lose real money (gold farming/gold buying in WoW), and in some cases, they lose their lives over video gaming (the Everquest suicide case, to name one). Gaming is serious business already, if we add more realism to it, there could be potentially devastating results.