Everquest - Group 3 - Kyle L, Alex_M, Sam_S, JamesG

The Everquest Experience VS. Other MMO's

The game-play in Everquest was quite fast-faced, being able to take on many enemies at a time and using various attacks such as spells and melee strikes. However, it was very unrealistic looking. The interactions between player to player and player to enemy were quite mundane. The magical spells looked a bit interesting and vibrant, however. The environments are too open and not detailed at all.

Everquest also offered first person views for the player; which in some videos seem to be a popular way to play. Spell menus and inventories are very similar to most other RPG's. Status bars - health, mana, and energy provided the player with adequate information in terms of HUD interfaces and were closely related to other RPG's.

A distinct quality of everquest was that it allowed players to choose from over a dozen races, 15 different classes and for each class, 5 different subclasses. Everquest, in stride with other RPG's, has trade professions and attribute points (however these were more customizable). Character creation in Everquest is very detailed as well (in terms of physical features). Every aspect of the avatar is changeable to suit the user's desires - facial attributes down to eyebrow height, for example.

Everquest also offered a Player versus Player combat option. The two forms of red servers, which allowed the player versus player combat, are PvP free for all and PvP race wars (team PvP). These types of servers allowed players to attack each other, based on racial alliances or every man for himself - allowing players to define factions for themselves or remain solitary.

Everquest VS. Epic

Everquest certainly differs from Epic in many ways. Epic's vast universe is far beyond that of any MMO-style open-ended environment in today's market, however some of the game-play mechanics seemed similar to Everquest. In Everquest players will 'grind' for hours on end to slowly gather money and resources to better their characters. Video link:
Everquest Grind Video

This aspect of Everquest parallels the views in Epic of slowly furthering their characters.

Everquest Goals

To get to the maximun level, 85. Earn the best items within the game and gather a lot of money, possibly gaining in-game fame for completing difficult raids or tough monsters.

Everquest Griefing

Player killing exists only on certain servers (as mentioned above) so it is as limited as the player wants it to be.

One noteworthy incident was a suicide over the game, perhaps due to griefing or excessive losses. Everquest Suicide

An in-game wedding is crashed, the bride gets assasinated. Wedding Crashers

A popular Everquest griefing method was to lure newer players into hidden areas and kill their characters and loot their corpses. Sometimes the same player would get camped and killed dozens of times. Griefing Tactics

Everquest's Evolution

Everquest has done well in the gaming world. It just recently released the latest expansion in December of 2009 which was it's 16th addition the original game's content. The game is on it's 10th year anniversary! Everquest Anniversary