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Fan Games are games created by fans based either closely or loosely off of the original game. These fan-created games can either be developed as standalones or they can be created as modifications to the existing game. An example of a standalone fan game is Supertux (based on Super Mario Bros.) An example of a fan modification are the mods developed in Unreal Tournament, using Unreal Tournament's Unreal Engine to develop the mod.

Legal issues appear to be split down the middle, depending on which companies have been involved. Sierra (Vivendi Universal) seems to be rather supportive of fan created games, such as fan games based on King's Quest. LucasArts, on the other hand, appears to go out of their way to stop any fan game productions, as on fan discovered when he tried to remake Maniac Mansion. The following website says it all for this poor fan game developer: Maniac Remake.

Several fangames have been made based on the Legend of Zelda. Being one of the most iconic video games leads to the ultimate form of flattery which of-course is imitation. My own son learned to read so that he could play Zelda with out waiting for us to come read to him. He was even Link for Halloween one year and carried around a plastic sword called "The true sword of lucky." It would seem fitting that enthusiasts would imitate the game of Zelda using it's original media. Following is a list of some games which were made in the likeness of Zelda.
Link Bros. (a mesh up of Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros.) Link Bros
Faces of Evil Faces of EvilThis video has been downloaded so much that Youtube wanted to add advertisements.
Zelda DungeonThis is a link dedicated to Zelda's fangames.

Super Mario Fan Games
Numerous fan games have been made from the fans of super marios games by nintendo. Many of these are look a lot like the mario games they're based on, either in graphics or mechanics. There is even a website dedicated to Mario fangames:toadcastle or taloncrossing . One of my favorites is the Super Tux series, which including Super Tux, and Super Tux Kart! While the Super Tux series emulates the mechanics of Super Mario, there're numerous fangames that use the mario graphics to build other types of games. Such as a space invaders style game using Mario graphics.
Capcom and Sierra
Both Capcom and Sierra have supported fangames while Lucusarts and Disney have fought against the creation of fangames. There are numerous MegaMan fangames, many with discussions about their ending, which fangame is better etc... Such as Project AM2R (the trailer).
There are other projects worth mentioning, such as: Beyond The Red Line, Amulet of Monkey Island, Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX, Hard Hat: The Rebellion, Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked, The Bard’s Tale, GoldenEye: Source!

The Unreal engine was created by Epic games as a first person shooter. The engine was first introduced in Unreal Tournament and has been used in many other games like Gears of War to Batman: Arkham Asylum. When the consumer purchases the Unreal engine they are equipped with an editing tool that will allow the user to modify and create their own game from the tool sets Epic has released to them. This has made the Unreal engine and games a versatile set, because the consumer can create their own work and play their own level not to become bore with the game and still play them.
This link takes you to a fan design Disney World environment that recreates the look and feel of a rundown Disney world in UT3.
This link is a video gameplay of fan using the Unreal engine to create his own game with custom characters, maps, and weapons. The time and effort that was place into this project to the creator a long time but in the end a very rewarding game for himself and his fans.
This link shows the fan how to create a custom level in effort not to be bore with their game by being able to create new maps and puzzle to make a game the fan will enjoy.