Free Worlds

Consider what you've read in Halting State so far as you venture out into an unknown virtual world.

Group 1Small Worlds
Group 2 IMVU
Group 3 hello_kitty_world_group3
Group 4WeeWorld
Group 5 Maple Story

Pick an online virtual "space" for your group to examine that follows these basic guidelines:

--It is *not* a world that any of your group has participated in before
--It is accessible (browser-based is ideal) and free
--It has clearly defined and central social components

Your group should create a page including:
- All the names of your group members!
- The name and description of the space you are examining
- A discussion of the apparent target audience of the space and any anthropological notes you've made while there
- Parallels between this space and Stross's vision of future virtual interactions
- A comparison between this world and Second Life. What, if anything, does this space offer that is unique?
- The commerce model of this world. How is it profitable? How is it sustained?