• Simulation & Digital Entertainment

  • My favorite video game of all time is Toe Jam & Earl. It was originally on the Sega Genesis and the genre is action adventure. This is a two player game with a unique (at the time) share and split screen functionality. I always played with a friend so the game play was always competitive and/or cooperative. I would have to blame Toe Jam & Earl for my lack of interest in most single player games nowadays. I spend most of my time playing online multiplayer games, ranging from FPS to MMORPGS. Thanks to that I have a strong interest in creating multiplayer games.

  • For my goals, I would like to continue to expand my knowledge on programming, computer graphics, and designing. I have not yet decided on a specific area but will narrow it down.

Nicholas Carr- Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Epic Three

Final Project - Research Paper

Western Vs. Asian Online Gaming Culture

My final project is a research paper that is mainly about the similarities and differences a gamer experiences within Western and Asian Online Gaming Cultures. How the culture in online games are created by the players and not the creators. The paper also focuses on the cultural background of specific Asian countries and also the U.S.