The Rogue Mission

My final project is a blog that initially started out dealing with old games, reflections in technology, with occasional forays into person moments. Over the course of the semester I have honed it to focus primarily on issues of copyrights and DRM, both as they exist today and my own personal beliefs on the topic. There are actually 39 posts since I started way back in March, so feel free to read them all from the beginning, it makes way more sense if you do it in order. Or not... your choice!

I'm Jeffery Reynolds, and like everyone else in this class I'm majoring in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. My goal with this degree is to transition from my currently employment as an IT technician into game design, production, and management within a game company of some kind. A few other students and I have already begun working on our own company, though we are still in the early process of forming our business plans and developing our IP. I'm also working on a new blog about old games and other musings.

Ask me on any given day, and my favorite video game will probably change. Lately, though, I've been answering that question with the game Red Baron. Red Baron was an early 1990's WWI flight combat simulator, with very detailed flight models, many different types of missions, and dozens of different types of airplanes to fly. I've been a huge fan of detailed simulators every since, including such notables as Aces Over Europe and Aces Of The Deep (both by the makers of Red Baron), and Gran Turismo III and IV for the Playstation 2 console. It would be my dream to run a company dedicated to create flight simulators as robust, fun, and approachable as Red Baron was almost 20 years ago. In fact, this was the reason our company was originally formed, although we have decided to focus on small, casual games which are easy and inexpensive to produce for a variety of platforms, rather then a massive flight sim that would cost tens of millions of dollars to create.

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