Hello, my name is John Welkner and like most of you I am in the Simulation and Digital Entertainment program. I really enjoy this program because it seems like it will prepare me well for my feature. For my career it doesn't really matter to me where I go in the industry as long as I make decent money and enjoy the company. I would really like to work for blizzard at one point on a diablo or starcraft game. Going to the west coast to start off and get some expirence would not bother me too much, but i would like to end up back in maryland.

My favorite video game would have to be Final Fantasy XI. It was the first MMORPG that I played in my life when it came to xbox 360. I played the beta when it came out and enjoyed it alot. The community in FFXI was very helpful when I first started to play and allowed me to grow in the game. FFXI has also impacted other MMO expirence and I compare them to FFXI. The biggest way I think FFXI has impacted my life is how I talk. In FFXI there is a lot of people from all over the world so one of the biggest things in FFXI is the auto translate. So, sometime i will use some of the phrases from that like, yes,please, do you need it, and can I have it.


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