I am pursuing to be a concept artist in 3d modeling. my favorite type of video games are rpgs. Rpgs influence me because the art is and storylines are remarkable. i like to play the final fantasy titles alot. final fanatsy is my favorite rpg. that game influenced me because i like the art and character designs. the effects that those games have catches my attention. i one day want to work for a gaming company and design characters and have them in my own video game. my career goals is to one day start my own video game company and be one of the few companys that make a plethera of very exiting and successful franchises.


week 3

weeks 5 (in class assignment)

week 9
giving it away

week 11 (fandom)

week 12
hello kitty online

Final Project: i am making a game design document representing the future of games. The point of this project is that gamers will really feel like they are in the game. The expression "your in the game" will become reality.