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I'm taking Simulation and Digital Entertainment here at University of Baltimore, this is my Junior Year. I have completed Multimedia Design: Computer Graphics at Carroll Community College, and have taken programming and electronics at two technical high schools. I also work Carroll Community College in Information Technology!

The games that had the greatest impact on me are Red Faction and Doom, simply because of their easy to learn editors! Then Morrowind came out and was the first sandbox game that had an editor that I played at the time. Later on I found 3D Game Studio which allowed me to create game and modify templates! So, due to the simplicity of the early game editors I became interested in game creation. Recently I have become too busy to really play long games like I use to, however I have found arcade games and online games to be a nice break from daily tasks.

I plan to get a job in programming or graphic Design. My strength is in automation of production workflow! I completed an internship at Amtote and am hoping for a job there!

I check my email and facebook accounts daily!
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