My final project is a blog collaboration dealing with the evolution in gamer hero's throughout the decades. Two movies will be viewed each week followed by numerous blog entries pertaining to the movie's significance in the gamer hero evolution.

Superman is Dead

Week 2:
Area accentric reads entire book

Carr: Is Google Making us Stupid

Week 3:

Week 4:

Rich Man's Burden

Week 5:

Week 9:
Doctorow one
Doctorow 2
Doctorow 3

Week 11:
Second Life

Week 12:
Stross Future

Mark Homayouni, Simulation and Digital Entertainment is my major. Ive always been extremely amused with video games throughout my entire life. My earliest memories of video games would have to be the Atari 2600. Some games on the Atari 2600 were really great games, some of the games were complete shit. My favorite game on the Atari 2600 was Moon Patrol. I remember Moon Patrol, it was hard as hell. I believe beating challenging games like Moon Patrol, Castlevania, Galaga, Super C, Metal Gear Solid on PS1, Mortal Kombat, The Ghost and Goblins/Ghouls and Ghost's Series, and Zelda on NES, is what gaming is all about. I also believe The Lion King on Sega and Super Nintendo was the hardest game ever made (I blame that game for all that is wrong in the world, I blame that bastard Simba). When I graduate I plan to get a job in the gaming industry, I would prefer to work in California because I have more fun out there and its not as cold. I look forward to the advances in technology in the field of video games in the future, and I hope to be part of it.