Hi. My name is Matt Burroughs.

I am currently an SDE major primarily taking classes at USG.

Favorite video game? Lol, that's an ongoing internal debate, with no end in sight soon. But one of the games that has influenced me the most and served as an inspiration for the kinds of games I wanted to make would have to be Kingdom Hearts. First few minutes playing that game, the opening cutscene blew me away. The magical mix of catchy music, uber creative visuals/imagery, and thought-provoking writing left me with goosebumps. I cherish my initial memories of the starting island, never before had a game captured my interest so quickly and powerfully. Everything seemed to fit and flow immaculately, and I was entirely immersed into the world. It was different from other games for me because I identified very strongly with the main character, and so it felt like I was going on this life-altering journey with him, and that was an unforgettable ride. It inspired me to want to make games that were about much more than the fun, games that would leave a mark on people, leave them with something heavy to think about, hopefully inspire them beyond fundamentally empty empowerment.

My dream is to work for a huge gaming company (it used to solely be Bungie, I'm a massive Halo fan) and help to create games that give people some fantastic experiences. I've had more than my fair share of phenomenal gaming moments growing up, and I want to be able to give back and provide those kinds of moments or the next generation of gamers. My particular interests are in level design, 3D animation, cinematic coordination, and feature creeping. I'm especially good at that last one.


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