Ryan_ORyan_OHey this is Ryan and this is my page. I am currently studying Simulation and Digital Entertainment at the University of Baltimore. I like that this major gives me experience and exposure to all aspects of the game design process and its principles. I would have to say my favorite video game would be Gears of War. It was such a mind blowing experience at the time and I still play it even 4 years after it was released. It really showed the potential of the Unreal Engine 3 and it's ability to progress as a game engine. The technology behind the game is very breakthrough and the physics engine is by far the best I have ever experienced. It has had a lot of influence on me as a designer because it showed me the possibilities of the Unreal Engine and the unlimited potential. Since then I have mostly been working on mastering the engine and understanding the technology. My career goal is to obviously develop kick ass video games but also to give back to the world and maybe develop technologies to improve quality of life.