Sean McMakin

I don't really have a favorite game per say, but there are a lot of games that made a huge impact on me. The one game that really made me get into games was Super Mario Bros. 3. At that time I had never owned a game console. I went over to my babysitter's house and watched her brother play. I couldn't remember exactly why but I was absolutely enthralled, I could have watched him play all day. What exactly appealed to me so much. I remember watching his progress moving across the first map, and then after he beat the first airship level, I thought he was done but he moved right onto the desert map. He didn't make it past the second world but my curiosity was piqued. What was beyond the desert I wondered. After that I really got into video games.

For Career Goals, I'm not too ambitious, I just want a job that pays decently and doesn't suck away my soul everyday. My dad has a job he absolutely detests so I'm very wary in this particular area. Honestly I would like to work with a quality game developer, but I really just like working with the technology.

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Final Project: For my Final Project, I am during a research paper about "cyber-bullying" and online harassments in online social spaces like Myspace.