Hey I'm Steven H.

My program of study is SDE, like everyone else here I think.

My favorite video game is probably Starcraft. My favorite genre are RTS. I started playing Warcraft 2 I was pretty young, which led me to Starcraft. It was the first RTS to have 3 playable races that are very well balanced. The story is also very epic, and told through different perspectives. I think it did really well to immerse gamers. My favorite aspect of the game is the multiplayer competitiveness. I love being able to out skill opponents, friends or random online players, gives me a rush. Starcraft set the standard for RTS, and I hope the sequel will be just as amazing.
Other favorite games.. Wc3/D2/WoW.. I'm a Blizzard fanboy.

I hope to be some sort of game designer in the future.

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Final Project Blog: iPad
I will be blogging about the iPad. I will be looking at its various features and deciding if its right for me, and also taking a look on how this innovative product can effect everyday life.