Aula and Karen

WeeWorld, its primary use is as a social network aimed for preteens. Although it is intended to be a social network, like Facebook it has incorporated other components, such as games, and avatars. Being that this is more than likely the first of most kids social networking experience, we feel as though this will have a profound effect on future of social spaces and virtual realities. Due to kids have used WeeWorld and sites similar to WeeWorld the potential of these kids using a virtual reality in the real world. Second Life and Wee World have some things in common such as the use of avatars for self-representation. Another similarity is the socialization of the users, although they are different in the ways they are conducted online, they are also similar because the focus of the website is socializing. What makes the website unique is the focus is on preteens. Users have the ability to purchase items like stickers, clothing and accessories for their avatar.