My name is Wendy Lohr and I'm a Senior in the SDE program. My hopes are to graduate at the end of Summer 2010. My true passion is writing fictional stories.

The game that had the most impact on me is Syberia. The graphics and storyline truly sold me on future PC adventure/mystery games. My preference for any game, PC or console, is a game that has an intriguing, well-developed story and challenges me to solve various puzzles. If the plot is weak or the puzzles are too easy, I tend to get bored with the game very quickly.

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Final Project:

For the final project, I chose to do a research paper on the topic of digital intimacy. I addressed how intimacy within the human, social aspect has evolved over the course of human existence, from private, intimate thoughts not shared with others, to that of writing those private thoughts in diaries, and eventually leading to the sharing of private or intimate thoughts online. Web applications such as Facebook and Frenzoo were analyzed to develop a sense of how digital intimacy was evolving and becoming more integrated into our daily lives. The result was an extraordinary sense of how powerful social networking tools can be and how much closer they actually do bring people together, whether those people are lifelong friends or complete strangers. These tools are helping to create another method for us to understand the world we live in and thus the people that occupy our world. Maybe these tools and the concept of digital intimacy itself will lead us to a world where humans are more accepting of one another.