Hi!. My name is Will and I am in the Simulation and Digital Entertainment program.

It is tricky choosing a favorite game, but I have always loved 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.' It was the first adventure game I ever experienced and it felt like reading 'The Hobbit' for the first time, only I got to play the part of Bilbo. Even looking back today, the depth of 'Link's Awakening' is astounding to me. Playing it made me realize that games can be a medium for wonderful stories and emotional expression. Although 'Link's Awakening' is not always the first game I turn to when referencing a great mechanic or even a memorable gaming experience, it occupies a special place in my memory when I found out games could be just as fulfilling as any other entertainment media.

As I progress through this program my career goals become less defined in my head. Initially, I had only hoped for a design job editing levels. Now I am considering many things, from 3D modeling and character art to one day writing character dialog. I would love to create small Flash games or independent titles for the Xbox, but I am unsure of the potential income that could generate and I would feel more secure working for a company. A best case scenario "dream job" for me would be a character art or level design position with The Behemoth (http://www.thebehemoth.com/).

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