My name is Zach and my goals have never been especially complex. They are more like guidelines really.

1. Acquire neccessary degree(s)
2. Obtain Job, preferably as a programmer to start
3. Locate wife
4. Move to game design if the opportunity presents itself
5. Have children
6. Die old and painlessly

It's a pretty long term plan, so I've decided I'll let the specifics develop as I go.

My inspiration for video game development and analysis is nothing less than the best game ever made. Capcom's epic masterpiece: "Megaman Legends." Now, best game ever made might seem like a lofty proposition, and if I weren't correct I would probably feel a little embarrassed for making such an assertion, but luckily for me I'm well aware of how right I am. Megaman Legends, originally released for the Sony Playstation, has something for everyone. It has action oriented combat for twitch gamers that is not inaccessible for a casual player. The story is well thought-out and full of memorable characters. The landscape, though limited by the playstation itself, makes up for that by reusing space by connecting literally every dungeon in the game to every other dungeon. This makes it the most interesting explorable area I've ever encountered. The game can be beaten in an hour, or it can take more than nine hours. The only thin that ever held this game back was the playstation itself.