Consider what you've read in Doctorow and Lessig as you examine a type of fan production. You will be acting as anthropologists on the web, observing texts and asking: what is this for? Who created it? What did they look to gain? Why is this text the way it is?

Your group should create a page including:
- All the names of your group members!
- A definition of the type of fan production you are examining
- Links to several (3-5) archives or major hubs of creation for your type of work
- A discussion of any parallels between this form and other types of digital creation we've examined this semester
- A 2 paragraph argument on the value and legal positioning of this type of creation from a legal perspective

Group 1: Fanfiction ( text-only)
Group 2: Fanvids (vidding)
Group 3: Fangames
Group 4: Cosplay
Group 5: Machinima

Try to focus on fan works that draw from computer games and virtual worlds as their primary influence.