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Hello Kitty Online


"Join Hello Kitty® Online! ( or click at the picture above!

It’s a new massively multiplayer online game set in the magical world of Hello Kitty. And you can play for FREE. Personalize your character and travel to exciting places like London, Tokyo, and Paris while interacting with your favorite characters including Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, and Cinnamoroll.

Make it the way you want it.

Hello Kitty Online is uniquely customizable, so you can make it the way you want it. Cultivate your farm, train your pet, explore monster-filled danger zones, master your cooking and tailoring skills, play mini-games or go shopping!

Accept and complete quests for rewards.

Embark on quests to earn rewards and improve your skills so you can access new challenges and adventures. You can even cooperate with friends on bigger projects like building your dream house, and then decorate it how you like with furniture that you made.

Connect with friends.

What makes Hello Kitty Online so special is it allows you to form clubs and share your blogs and videos with friends both in-game and out-of-game, so you’re always connected and up-to-date. Your friends are here in Hello Kitty Online."

a tutorial of wat its about:


The audience appears to be for all ages of people that enjoy the Hello universe. The target audience seems to be directed toward women, but does not exclude men. There seems to be a steep learning curve, espescially for the youger audience and for people unfimilar with online games.

Halting State vs Hello Kitty

In halting state the interations appear to have as many meanings as there is in real life. An example is that people can easily double cross you and manipulate you to do other stuff. The interactions in hello kitty seem to be more friendly and more social. In hello kitty you can learn about the person behind the avatar pretty easily by looking at there blogs and videos. Also playing Hello Kitty quests and missions will not have a direct impact on the real world. Unlike in Halting State where there are spooks that complete game missions in real life.

Second Life Vs. Hello Kitty

Second Life's world is pretty open and users are not bound by many rules. The world in Second Life is closer to reality and much darker compared to the virtual world of Hello Kitty. Second Life can be said to be an extension of reality in contrast to Hello Kitty. Users in Second Life have the ability to explore, create, destroy, and buy. Hello Kitty is similar to Second Life with these abilities, but they are much simplified or preset. Hello Kitty's virtual world is vibrant, friendly, and warm. We find the world of Hello Kitty to be much more attractive then Second Life's world. The visual interface and navigation are well explained beforehand for beginners. Users have the ability to make in-game personal profiles, videos, or blogs. This seems to be quite unique, excluding the profile feature, compared to many online world including Second Life. Hello Kitty appears to have a strong focus on social interactions by including such features.

The commerce model of this world

We believe that since the game is based on a popular franchise the game itself is a way of advertising all the "hello kitty" products and in the long run some people that are not familiar with the franchise and play the game and like it will buy products related to the world of kitty.

The game attracts people from all ages and it is sustained by current users and also by parties outside of the game.

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