February 18th: New Media Spaces

Group 1: Blogging
Group 2: Twitter
Group 3: Cell Phone Novels
Group 4: YouTube
Group 5: E-books
Group 5.5: Wikis

Once your group has been assigned, click on the topic link in the above list.

You'll notice that it says the page has not been created yet, but you can create the page by editing it. Begin editing the page and place all your thoughts on the topic here--this is the same way you should approach the homework wiki sections.

Don’t forget to list all your group members at the top of the page.
Define the topic you are observing. Use quotes from our readings, and from other sources as possible, and create a portrait of the media form. What makes this form different from pre-digital expression? In what ways is it the same? Look beyond the obvious parallels—cell phone novels are still narratives, for instance—and try to find unexpected connections. What can you do with this form that draws people to it? Has anyone in your group created content in this form before?
Find at least three noteworthy examples of the form and provide links, along with at least a three sentence description explaining what makes these examples particularly interesting.
Make sure to develop the content of this page enough to be a substantial resource on the topic. Did one of your classmates post something relevant in the wiki already? Link to it.
When your group is finished, add a link to the group page from each of your personal nodes. You should be doing this for every assignment throughout the semester so that at the end your node clearly ties to all your contributions.