Week Four: February 25th

Socializing in Virtual Space


Steven Johnson: Best Technology Writing of 2009

  • Julian Dibbell - Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses ( virtualSociopaths )
  • David Talbot - How Obama Really Did it ( onObama )
  • Dalton Conley - Rich Man's Burden ( richMan )
  • Danah Boyd - Reflections on Lori Drew ( loriDrew )
  • Clive Thompson - Brave New World of Digital Intimacy ( digitalIntimacy )
  • Clay Shirky - Gin, Television, and Cognitive Surplus ( ginTV )

Readings for March 4th:

Conor Kostick - Epic. First Half of the novel

Wiki Assignment:

Contribute to a shared story inspired by our class discussions and your response to Epic. Write no more than a couple of sentences each time you visit the node, and wait for others to continue once you have posted. Try to keep the narrative coherent: read through everyone else's contributions before you add your own piece.