Week Six: March 11th

Midterm Review!

Discussion: the conclusion of Epic and the Gamer Hero

Jeopardy game in class

No wiki work over spring break--

About the Exam

The exam will take the entire class time on March 25th. It is not open book, and will begin promptly at 11 AM.

It consists of 5 short answer questions that call for a single substantial paragraph and 2 long essay questions. There are 3 choices for the essays, choose 2 to respond to at length. Full credit will be given only for essay questions that develop a clear thesis, show reflection on the readings and class discussions, and build from that understanding to a viewpoint on the topic.

Jeopardy Game Questions

  • Compare and contrast MMO and MUD
  • Who writes a story for an MMO? How does it compare to other collaborative storytelling environment.
  • What is an avatar?
  • Describe the evolution of the "gamer hero" using Epic and other examples.
  • What social consequences accompany PvP? How do designers address them?
  • How is death handled in virtual worlds?
  • What can you do in a wiki and not in a form?
  • Compare and contrast Facebook, blogs, and Twitter.
  • What role do griefers play in shaping the web?
  • What do we mean when we say everyone has become an author? Why is this "new"- is it new?
  • Describe "ambient awareness".
  • How is anonymity in authorship viewed differently across the cultures? Across forms?
  • How is the internet like a bottle of gin?
  • Describe cell phone novels using the terms and forms of "traditional" (print) media.
  • Who decides what rules govern online interactions? Why?
  • How is the world of Epic's New Earth a critique of our culture.