Week Thirteen: April 29th

Future Worlds & Class Wrap-up

Halting State, to conclusion
Future thinking (revisit: Doctorow, Lessig, Johnson and others)

Short meetings: Final Project Readiness

Remember, final projects are due May 6th!

Wiki Assignment:

Share a description of your final project on your homepage (your named node). Once you have done so add your name to the list below. Check back to see what everyone in the class is working on as we move in to our final week.

Final Project Idea (Alex Morrow)


Final Project Blog: Michael Larrabee
Final Project idea (jose vargas)
Final Project Blog: Jeffery Reynolds
Final Project Research Paper: Wendy Lohr
Final Project Research Paper: Sean McMakin
Final Porject GDD: Sam S
Final Project Blog: Steven H
Final Blog: Mark Homayouni
Final Project GDD: Jing Wang
Final Project Research Paper: James Le