Week Three: February 18th

Stories in New Spaces
(or, what we "read" and where we "read" it)


Steven Johnson: Best Technology Writing of 2009
  • Steven Johnson's Introduction
  • Dana Goodyear - I Heart Novels ( heartNovels )
  • Andrew Sullivan - Why I Blog ( whyBlog )
  • Nicholas Carr - Is Google Making Us Stupid? ( onGoogle )
  • The Onion - Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book ( onReading )
  • Kevin Kelly - Becoming Screen Literate ( screenLit )

Be prepared with these readings and make sure to finish your blog posts by class time. You do not need to have read the next set of readings yet, we will be moving back the schedule. The midterm exam will be pushed back a week to compensate.

In Class Wiki Work: mediaSpaces

Readings for February 25th:

Steven Johnson: Best Technology Writing of 2009
  • Julian Dibbell - Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses ( virtualSociopaths )
  • David Talbot - How Obama Really Did it ( onObama )
  • Dalton Conley - Rich Man's Burden ( richMan )
  • Danah Boyd - Reflections on Lori Drew ( loriDrew )
  • Clive Thompson - Brave New World of Digital Intimacy ( digitalIntimacy )
  • Clay Shirky - Gin, Television, and Cognitive Surplus ( ginTV )

Wiki Assignment:

Choose one of the assigned essays from Johnson's collection and write a short (2-3 paragraph) response to an issue raised within that essay. Post your response on the page dedicated to that reading. If you are the first poster, you may need to create that page. If other people have already posted, read their responses and engage in a dialog. You can respond to one another within the page itself and on the discussion board for that topic. By next week's class you should have posted one full response and at least 2 comments or questions to your classmate's posts.

Make sure to add a link to the reading you comment on to your personal page so I can easily find your contribution!